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We,Jiangsu Soho Power Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Daqiao Industry park, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu, China in 2010. As a professional designer and manufacturer who are engaged in the electrical utility and international electric markets with electrical products of transmission-line up to 750kV ,substation 750kV and distribution more than 15 years.

At present, SOHO are supplier and subcontractor of PLP, Hubbell, GE, Siemens ect..., also we provide semi-finished products and finished products for some overseas factories. To ensure the high quality of the products and thus the worldwide trouble-free power supply,are also supply like specific customized components, our experience allows the development of safe, customized products in shortest time.

Components used to support high voltage conductors are critical for long-term operation of the power grid. With service life expectancies greater than 50 years, long-term performance requires careful selection of all of the parts to insure that they operate together as a system. This is the most important to control the details of all components in the production process for HV transmission-line. SOHO has made great efforts to this end, which is SOHO's mission and responsibility, and also the value of SOHO's existence.

SOHO's assemblies can be provided with or without insulators and/or conductor attachments.


 ●   Guaranteed letter, fit and function of the set

 ●   Detail drawings of each assembly

 ●   Assistance in selection of the most appropriate component parts for a given application

 ●   All parts delivered at the same time

 ●   Shorten the drawing review / approval process

 ●   Material packaged for ease of identification upon receipt and reduction of field handling during

 ●   Construction detailed packing list

 ●   More than 15 years of SOHO experience in the design and manufacture of overhead line

 ●   material/grounding material/tools

The Competence Centre of SOHO provides the appropriate solutions to your problems. No matter whether technical, commercial, logistic or quality related issues occur – we will be at your service. A competent team of employees and managers with plenty of years of experience in markets worldwide will support you in your business. 

 ●   We hope to make value for our partners and customers.

 ●   We hope to be able to support our partners and customers to achieve what they want to achieve.

 ●   We hope our partners and customers to succeed.

Let's do it, keep going, never give up, together we can be successful!

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