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SOHO's experience in forging/casting/welding/stamping/Precision machining/thread/Metal cutting/heat threatment/galvanized technology has been shaping innovative products for more than 10 years.

OUR OEM AND ODM RANGE AS FOLLOW:                                                                          

●  Design and production transmission-line fittings from up to 765kV

●  Design and production fittings of substation(for conductor and tubular bus bar)up to 765kV

●  Design and production fittings for distribution-line.

●  Design and production all kinds of insulators(composite/porcelain/glass insulators) up to 765kV

●  Design and production fittings for composite/porcelain/glass insulators

●  Steel structureProcessing for heat treatment(hardening and temperingzheng/normalizing/annealing)

●  Processing for Hot dip galvanized production

OUR PRODUCING LINES AS FOLLOW:                                                                               

●  Two forging production lines

●  Four aluminum alloy production lines

●  Two aluminum welding production lines

●  Four steel welding pproduction lines

●  One heat treatment production lines

●  Local postion heat threatment production line

●  One bolts production line

●  Two drilling hole production line

●  One NC flame cutting production line

●  One CNC lathe production line

●  One tooling/mould production line

●  One hot dip galvanized production line

●  One composite insulator producition line

●  One porcelain insulator production line


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