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Utilities around the world are facing challenges such as rising energy demands, aging or nonexistent infrastructure, complex financing and extreme environments. By 2040, the global demand for electric energy is expected to increase by 37%. To support this change, substations must have the right transfer capacity and robustness to enable power flow when and where it is needed. Connectors installed in your new or retrofit substation can help you increase its reliability and performance. But more than that, the right connectors enable reduction in installation time and cost, as well as a reduction in power outages. This is what SOHO broad range of high voltage substation busbars and connectors do.

SOHO TUBULAR BUSBARS FOR HV SUBSTATIONS                                            

In many instances HV outdoor substations with a high current rating are constructed more economically with aluminium tubularbusbars rather than with stranded conductors. The advantages realised by using SOHO tubular busbars are:

●   SOHO tubular busbars are lighter in weight and have a greater stiffness than stranded conductors with the same current transfercapacity
     -This facilitates larger free spans
     -Which require fewer points of supports and foundations
●   SOHO tubular busbars are impose a lower mechanical load on the foundation points and circuit equipment than stranded cables do under short circuitconditions
●   SOHO tubular busbars are good electrical conductors due to the skin effect: the busbar surface has a current density that is relatively lower thanthat of a stranded conductor

●   SOHO tubular busbars are permanently corrosion resistant

●   SOHO tubular busbars possess excellent electric conductance properties

●   SOHO tubular busbars have a smooth surface

●   SOHO tubular busbars maintenance free

●   SOHO tubular busbars are a very long life span


Are suitable for rigid bus connections in AC & DC applications up to 765kV(AC) & 800kV(DC) for both Metric and Imperial sizes. The range includes:

●   Mechanical supports of busbars on post insulators
●   Junctions on post insulators (fix and expansion types)
●   Accessories such as end caps, corona shieldings and earthing stirrups, vibration dampers
●   Derivations such as tee connectors (tube to tube)
●   Terminations (fix and expansion types) to connect busbars to terminal equipment such as aluminium or copper pads/studs


Are suitable for flexible cable connections in AC & DC applications up to 765kV(AC) & 800kV(DC) for both Metric and Imperial sizes. The range includes:
●   Mechanical supports of flexible conductors on post insulators
●   Accessories such as earthing stirrups, spacers
●   Conductor(s) to conductor(s) connectors (tee, parallel groove, etc.)
●   Terminal connector conductor(s) to terminal equipment (stud and flat palm)
●   Transition connectors tube to conductor(s) (tee and parallel connectors)
●   Adjustable angular (0° to 90°) connectors to terminal equipment (stud and flat palm)

【SOHO's design of products is not only pass test in the laboratory, but can be used in a variety of complex environment also can get very good running performance, so the design of the SOHO team will consider using every detail from the environment to improve the products, to make our products play an excellent performance, let the user get better experience on safety and performance.】