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High-quality fittings for overhead line energy transmission up to 750kV.

SOHO's experience in fittings for overhead transmission lines up to a voltage level of 750KV. These products contribute to the safe and reliable energy transmission all over the world.Besides Subcontract projects, always adapted to local conditions, SOHO also offers the well-aimed development and production of highly customer specific single components.

The product portfolio includes:

  • String fittings

  • Damping devices

  • Spacer devices

  • Fittings for high-temperature conductors

  • Fittings for deep-temperature charpy level

  • Fittings for Aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC)

  • Warning sign

  • Conductor

  • Porcelain Insulators

  • Glass insualtors

  • Composite insulators

SOHO technology and products being applied in globally

– from the desert to the snow area,from the deepest river to highest mountains 

– are obvious sign for technical competence and high product quality.