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Grounding System

SOHO'Grounding system products deliver safety to society for life and property with an international standard UL467-E10,IEEE837,IEC62561-2,ASTM B910-B910M,grounding system with perfect standards design for Grounding System, these Systems is used to provide the interface to ground in all soil conditions in order to achieve satisfactory earthing systems in overhead and underground electricity distribution and transmission networks – providing high fault current capacity on low, medium and high voltage substations, towers and power distribution applications for safety and security in the infrastructure electric system in all of the world.SOHO team of Engineers and Designers will ensure the best possible service for your grounding systems needs.

OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE RANGE AS FOLLOW:                                    

●  Bare copper earth wire 

●  Copper-clad steel steel earth wire (CCS)

●  Bare copper circular earth rod

●  Tinned Copper circular earth rod

●  Copper-bonded steel circular earth rod

●  Stainless steel circular earth rod

●  Exothermic welding mould

●  Exothermic welding powder

●  Exothermic welding hand clamp

●  Exothermic welding tools & accessories

●  Grounding components

●  Bentonite

●  Marconite

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