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Insulator Fittings

SOHO's wide variety of insulator fittings for your factory or your customers's factories needs.

The couping size are in accordance with IEC61466-1-2016,IEC60120-2020,ANSI NEMA C29.2B-2013 and customized requirements.

Good control in production process from SOHO production line as follow:

  • Choose stable standard raw materials

  • According to the different diameter of the raw material, choose the suitable way of cutting

  • Automatic heating

  • Initial forging temperature 1200℃,Finish forging temperature 800℃

  • Pay attention to container temperature in winter for hot products

  • Guarantee the perpendicularity of the product during forging and pressing

  • Control of annealing time and temperature

  • Matters needing attention during local tempering treatment

  • Hardness test

  • Hardness test different areas of local tempering treatment products

  • Magnetic particle inspection

  • Control of machined eccentricity

  • Control the external diameter

  • Control the inner diameter to match with fiber glass rod

  • Control of surface smoothness of hot dip galvanizing

  • Control of hot dip galvanizing process to ensure no zinc cracking after pressed on the fiber rod

  • Control roughness of the inner hole from customized requirements

  • Control internal thread dimension to be suitable for standard thread rod/spindle after hot dip galvanizing

  • Inner hole through gauge test(go & no-go)

  • Testing of galvanized coating

  • Surface cleaning after machining

  • Ensure that the product is packaged in a dry manner

  • Issuing test report to user